Camber and Caster Adjustment

I’ve had some questions how how the camber and caster are adjusted on the Sportster. The following images are not dimensionally accurate, they represent the adjustments available.

The Sportster has front double wishbones, the first section cover camber adjustment. The camber is changed by increasing or decreasing the length of the upper wishbone.

The first of the images above would represent 0ยบ camber, the second image shows the upper wishbone shortened creating negative camber.

Shorter top wishbone, negative camber, longer top wishbone positive camber,

How to adjust:

This process can be tedious as changes can’t be made without disassembly, change, reassembly and measure.

The the wishbone pivots on two bushes in a carrier with a threaded rod. The rod is screwed into the upper wishbone. There is a retaining nut (not shown in these diagrams).

Loosen the retaining nut first on both sides. The rod on which the wishbone pivots must now also be removed. Ensure the car has been jacked up so the suspension is unloaded before proceeding. The coil over is connected from the body to the lower wishbone so it is safe to remove the pivot from the upper wishbone. 

With the pivot removed and the locking nut undone the length of the wishbone can be adjusted by twisting the bushing carrier:

Make sure to adjust both to the same length, then put the pivot rod back in measure the camber with the car back on the ground:

Adjusting caster

Caster is adjusted by shimming the upper wishbone. Remove the pivot, add shims the either the front or rear thereby moving the position of the top wishbone forward or backward. Recommendation is to move the wishbone towards the back of the car which helps with self centring. I have one washer at the front and as many as is needed to fill up the space at the back. Note due to the design of the Sportsters upper wishbone mount I recommend using larger washers either side of the bush to help retain it or you may see bush failure.



Large washers to help keep the bushes in place. This area would benefit from a redesign adding plates to support the pivot – less pretty but stronger.

Note bushes used are powerflex product number PFF19-10 – also available in the black series which is a higher shore hardness: PFF19-102BLK

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