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  • RPM Calculator – Changing your gearbox or diff? Work out your RPM and speed with this helpful calculator

Marlin Sportster and Cabrio Builder Sites

Marlin Sites



  • Frost (Paint Supplies) – Paint and rust treatment supplies
  • Namrick – Get all the replacement nuts, washer and bolts you’ll ever need here. Online order and very quick

BMW Sites

  • M20 Engine – Technical Stuff for the M20 engine used in E30’s
  • – German site on the E30 – very useful for tuning
  • E30 Zone Forum – Excellent forum to source information on your donor BMW. Always someone to help with technical questions! Also new E30Zone shop with lots of E30 related bits
  • E46 Fanatics – E46 3 Series forum based in the USA
  • – Modding forum with several BMW people
  • Planet E30 – BMW E30 3 Series Forum
  • BMW Forum – more BMW
  • – US based technical forum


  • A – Tech BMW – Ant the E30 Tuning Guru and source of chips for the M20B28 conversion


  • BTB BMW Exhausts – BTB 6 Branch manifolds, availalbe through – have a chat with Sal (M5Pilot)
  • Gaz Shocks – For E30 rear coil over conversion. Standard front shocks from Marlin are made by Gaz
  • Magnecor – HT Leads, can cost less that OEM parts
  • Mocal – ThinkAuto – ThinkAuto – the home of Mocal products
  • Magnaflow – Stainless exhaust components
  • Jetex – Build stainless or mild steel exhaust systems from individual components (online ordering)
  • BMC – CDA (Carbon Dynamic Airbox) available from with fitting adapter for the M20 AFM.


10 thoughts on “Links

  1. hi i would like to see a video of the stroker sportster
    its a very impressive build and the first ive seen ever, great stuff .
    im also in the process of doing the exact same conversion on my m20

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Can you tell me what car the your brake master cylinder came from? I posted a problem I had with an MOT failure on the club website did get the brakes working but a week later the pedal had gone again. No leaks on the system so stripped out the master cylinder one of the seals very scored and hard. Ordered a replacement part assuming the master cylinder was a Sierra, it appears not to be the bolt pattern is wrong, i.e. Sierra to small. The hole centres on my master cylinder are approx. 88mm

  3. Thanks Patrick, will see if I can track one down. Would you be kid enough to measure the hole centres on the mounting plate on yours to see if they are they are the same as mine.

    Cheers Keith

    1. Hi Keith,

      I took a number of measurements and posted them here:

      These do seem to be difficult to identify as an orderable part though, the part number on the side only brings up the mad about thread. Ford Cortina Mk4/5 and Sierra come up on related searches. This one looks externally very similar:

      Brake Master Cylinder, EAN 2212121981840

      Diameter [mm]: 22,00
      Material: Cast Iron
      Condition: New
      Designation: Brake Master Cylinder
      Manufacturer: METELLI
      EAN: 2212121981840
      Item number: 05-0099

      Searching on the metelli part number:

      You get a part with the same number on the side:$_59.JPG

      Thanks, Patrick

  4. Cheers Patrick , It is the correct cylinder but at least a months waiting time for the order from Italy, no suppliers in the UK have this in stock and no service kits. I have emailed the European supplier to get a possible date for delivery. May be faced with changing the master cylinder I will have to wait and see. Thanks for all your help, I will let you know how I get on.

    Cheers Keith

  5. Hi Patrick,
    Well 2 plus months later finally back on the road. Metelli no longer make this cylinder, tried a Ford Sierra direct replacement with no joy. I found a company in Rochdale J & L Spares who have rebuilt the Metelli brake master cylinder for me. They bored it out and fitted a stainless steel sleeve not cheap but an excellent job.

  6. Hi Patrick
    It’s Robin (Sportster Pembleton Roadster).
    I would like to do some stainless welding ( exhaust). Can you tell me what equipment you used please. I have an inverter DC welder, it’s the gas and torch thingy I will need to get.
    Cheers Robin

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