Nearly there (and oooopsy!)

Lets get the mundane stuff out the way first:

Edge trim now firmly attached to the bonnet and surround

Holes in the tub for the belts to clear

Edge radius on the fibreglass

More stronger clips added to the brake pipes. Zip ties replaced with P clips

Ok I’m officially an idiot. After spending many ours buggering about with a camber/caster gauge make lots of adjustments and getting nowhere. Also measured up my Coupe as a reference. The front wheels have always looked a bit off to me. Turns out I was right. The wish bones are correct left and right, but they 180 degrees up the wrong was. DOH!!! Flipped the wishbone over, now the car auto centres no problem at all!

Note to all builders – make sure the more curvy part of the wish bone is at the front as in these pictures!