London to Brighton Kit Car Run 2009

It was a bit soggy Sunday morning as it hammered it down on the way to Brooklands. At one point on the M25 I had too look out the side of the car to see where the lanes where! The wipers work fine, on the outside of the car. Masses of spray meant the inside of the screen was wetter than the outside.

On arrival at Brooklands is lighted up and we had a bit of time to dry out before leaving before following the route book to Brighton which was then nice and sunny.

On minor issue with car is that we ended up with a fish bowl in each door – some drain holes required!

Here are some photos:

 London to Brighton Kit, Classic & Sports Run

The Sportster lined up next to two other Marlin’s at the Bently Meusum

London to Brighton Kit, Classic & Sports Run London to Brighton Kit, Classic & Sports Run

Parked up in Brighton

London to Brighton Kit, Classic & Sports Run

Peter arriving a short while after us

London to Brighton Kit, Classic & Sports Run

A very rare sight to see!

View all the photos from the run, Bently meuseum and at Brighton here


Stoneleigh 2009 photos

A very nice day out and a good chance to catch up with the other Sportster builders on the MOC (Marlin Owners Club) stand. After a trip round the stands and other cars we came back to find a cup and a trophy on the driver seat "Best Sportster 2009" – well happy with that, thank you to the MOC member who voted 🙂


Hampshire Pageant of Motoring

I was at the Hampshire Pageant of Motoring on Monday, lots of cars from all different era’s and countries (I was on the E30Zone stand):

I convoyed with 3 US cars as all the E30’s I was supposed to meet at the services were not there (I may have been a few minutes late)! I followed 2 station wagons and this thing:

Click the image to open in full size.

It sounded fan-bloody-tastic every time he put his foot down. I sooooooo want a US V8 powered car to drive. I just be drooling all the time though

Best this was the guy in front missed the turn off so I followed the only group of people that didn’t know where they were going ha ha (like me me!)