Marlin Sportster Build

Based on a BMW 325i E30

What is a Marlin?
Well its a fish and a very cool looking semi-monocoque,
peripheral frame chassis, rear wheel drive, straight 6 kit car.


Standard M20 2.5ltr Straight 6 – 170BHP

M20B28 2.8 stroker conversion using a crank from an M52B28 and conrods from a M20B20 + a custom chip from A-Tech (See Ant on E30Zone.co.uk) – power, no idea I’d like to get it on a dyno sometime and see. I’d hope for 200bhp and a massive wedge more of torque!

Modifications & Customisations:

8mm Magencor HT leads
BTB 6 Branch Stainless Manifold with equal lenght headers
Stainless pipes and twin Magnaflow Glass Packs + two Jetex muffers as it was too loud with just the glass packs
Samco Sport Silicon coolant pipes
BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox
3.91 LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
Big bore throttle body

Gaz Shocks adjustable rear E30 Coilover’s
Z4 3.0 gear lever (short shift)
Mocal Oil Cooler
US hotrod style ali BAR (big a*s radiator)
Electric fan conversion, 16″ – get the biggest that will fit!

Check out Mad About Kit Cars to catch up with all the other Sportster builders – many thanks guys!

Many thanks to the members of www.E30Zone.co.uk for many of the upgrade ideas and modifications

If your thinking about building one, or just interested in more information check out the MOC (Marlin Owners Club) website: www.marlinownersclub.com

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