Shock Refurb Part 1

Last year the MOT person mentioned there was excessive movement in the rear shock mounts. After some testing it was mainly the top mounts. They are from Gaz Shocks, purchased in 2005. They still have replacement ball joint parts but advised the top mounts have been upgraded significantly since my original purchase. Sadly the top mounts they sell are designed for OEM BMW where they offset the mounting position. In the Sportster the mount position needs to be in the BMW stock location. I’ve had some Powerflex mounts on order for quite a long time now, they had no stock so I’m waiting for them to manufacture new ones.

I’d already ordered new ball joints for the lower mount from Gaz, so I decided to install these and use the much less damaged old ball joints from the lower mount in the old Gaz top mounts. With the circlips out they still needed to be pressed out with some creative use of sockets and a vice.

Will see if the MOT tester comments this year or not, the movement is about as much as it was stock now.

Hopefully I will get the powerflex mounts soon (which will need some modification) so this can be finished properly.

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