Shock Refurb Part 2

The ball joints in the gaz shocks were worn out, they didn’t have an upgrade unit available with stock BMW top mount/shock positioning. I therefore looked for an alternative which I found with the Powerflex PFR5-5630-10BLK. Ordered a set on eBay but ended up having to wait 2 months for the next production run (eBay seller was great at keeping me informed of progress, so if you need some bits check out Strutbracer). Worth the wait though it’s a nice set.

What I did know befor ordering is that this set comes in 10mm and 12mm varients for different shocks, however the Gaz shock is 11m. I therefore ordered the 10mm version that I then modified.

With that done I swapped out the top mount

Need to do some driving make sure I have not clearance issues as the top of the shock can move more now than with the ball joint.

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