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  1. Hi, love the build on your car! I’ve just bought a barely built one and in need of some advice! What rear springs did you use? The back end of mine is basically pointing up in the air and need to lower it alot! I know you mention avo but do you know which ones?

    1. Hi Adrian, I did initially have some avo shocks, however I wasn’t too happy with the manufacturer recommendation to heat and collapse the springs that came off the donor to reduce the ride height. Also my spring plates were welded on way off of the correct alignment. Spring collapsing is the kind of bodge that should have disappeared when SVA/IVA was introduced.

      As such I deviced to use Gaz coil overs for an E30 325i. I used the spring rate recommend by Gaz which I think was around 290lb/in.

      The very top of the mounting is standard, further down I expanded the shock tower it to allow sideways movement, I also cut a half circle out. This meant there was enough space for sideways load. I also cut a bit of clearance in the rear tub.

      The only thing I would say is that the shock could do with being a little bit longer by 3 – 5cm which would allow slightly more flexibility in setting the rear ride height. The E30 coil overs are shorter than standard E30 shocks, presumable because any E30 with this setup would need to be much lower than stock anyway.

      The same could be achieved with a spacer at the top of the tower. I’m happy with the height with the spring seat wound all the way so I’ve not done anything with it.


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