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Friendly URLs

Server upgrade is done and after much cursing friendly URL’s appear to be working now! If you spot anything let me know via a comment or the contact above 🙂

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Gallery Upgrade

The site is now running a new gallery plugged right into WordPress. All the major ASP files now redirect to shiny new PHP files. Still to come a server move from Windows to Linux which will bring mod_rewrite and friendly URL’s.

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WordPress upgrade

As this site is 6 years old and the underlying tech hasn’t really changed in that time it seemed like a good idea to do some upgrades. Right now the site is half old tech half new so things might not quite hang together 100% until everything is sorted out.

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Happy New Year 2009

Welcome to 2009 :o) I swear this year we’ll paint the car. Few other projects still on the cards such as exhaust valves, ITB’s adapted from a Suzuki GSXR 600, bonnet louvres and a bit of a change to the rear lines.

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down time

Sorry for the down time, site got moved between servers again. For some reason they managed to break the ODBC everytime its done!

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A few changes to the site!

We’ve add a new preview function to all images on the site, it’s now no longer necessary to download large images to get a closer look at each one.

Just click the thumbnail or the “preview” button. You’ll get a short loading animation and the image will appear. If you want to download a full size one like before click “Full Size” button or the “Right Click Save As here to download full size” link in the preview.

Site News

Website Improvements

Two new sections:

Search -> As the site is getting quite big now this should make it easier to find the information you are looking for!

FAQ -> Hints, tip and questions. If you’ve got any hints, tips or questions to add please contact us!