Fuel filters and one way valve

The fuel filter elements are the originals from 2005, so it was time to change them. The good thing Sytec still make the bullet filters and the elements are available from Merlin Motorsports!

Parts haul:

Pre-pump filter

Post pump filter


Still looking pretty decent for it’s age

Relatively easy to open

No idea what the green goop is, but it was sticky. There all sorts of other bits it’s sucked up over time.

The filter element is pretty dark compared to the new one

There’s no chunks in the post pump filter but it’s also pretty dark.

The other part in the bag is a one way valve. Been chasing a hot start issue for a while. Found out E30’s have a one way valve as part of the fuel pump assembly in the tank. This is to keep pressure in the rail as the pump only runs when you crank. The theory is if pressure is bleeding off through the pump, then takes some cranking to build up the pressure again. Installed just after the post pump filter. This though has not solved the issue so it might actually be the fuel pressure regulator that is on it’s way out.

Used the power probe to run 12v to the pump to prime the fuel system and check the system for leaks.



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