M20B28 Engine Build

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  1. Roberts says:

    What is the all sizes of the spacer at the front of the crank for the oil seal to sit on? For m20 2.8

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Roberts, I’ve added the crank spacer diagram to the gallery above (last image). It is sources from e30zone.net. I used to as the base but sorted out the final details when I turned the piece on the lathe.

      Thanks, Patrick 🙂

      • Rickard says:

        Hi! Are you using stock piston on your M20B28 ??

        • Patrick says:

          Hi – I used the stock M20B25 pistons from a 1988 model. They are short skirt type. If you use early model pistons the the skirts get in the way of the conrods.

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