3D Printed light brackets Version 2 test

Version 2 on the left, much smaller than the inital version:

Some clearance to fit two next to each other on the Sporster

The part is still more than strong enough for to keep the light in

Test fitting on the wing

LED centre light test fit (yep, rusty screws need changing)

View from the outside


Hella Mix and Match 3D Print Light Brackets

When we first build the Sportster 3D printing wasn’t a thing for home users. This has changed in the last 13 years, so it seem like a good time to make some improvments.

Version one of the rear light brackets where aluminim, work fine don’t look so good:

CAD Designs so far, allows for 3mm body thinkness when mounted. It’ll need a gasket to keep the damp out, also the fibre glass is not a consisten thinkness:


Some rendered versions with clear models of the outter ring and inner light:

Now we need to print the first protoype and see how it fits:




Did a little bit of work on the car today, made some carbon fibre scuttle covers. They still need sticking down with the some tape, but they look nice:


Side screens

Side screen are mounted to aluminium brackets via a threaded hole and cut screw.
Screen mount

Aluminium brackets cut & drilled.
Side screen bracket

Many, many hours of polishing later brackets ready for mounting.
Side screen brackets polished

All done.
Side screen done
Mounted bracket up close



It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got the Sportster painted and reassembled and here’s the result:


Getting there

I was hoping that the car would get finished today, but as always there were more and more little things to do!

The centre console now has bracketing to hold it securely in place, the tub is secured and positioned right for the doors. The doors with re-enforcement brackets are on but not adjusted yet. The demister vent connections are nearly done. I tried setting up the amp with the scope but either them is chucking out some funny signals or the scope is on the blink. Headunit has clean output to setting 60 of 62. Higher than 60 and you get a tiny bit of distortion creep in.

Once the demister vents are sort the scuttle can go on and the doors adjusted. After that it’s just bonnet side panels and head lights.


Centre console, and rear end

The centre console coming together, this will also act as a duct for heater down to your feet. There’s also a 12V supply in the side of it for the all important sat nav (or I’d get very lost all the time):

Here is is from a higher vantage point:

The 77MP’s styling fits the car quite well:

All the wiring needs a final tidy up after settings are finalised.

Door hinge bracket, one of four. The metal the door is bolted to is far to thin, it flexes all over the place. Hopefully these will add enough structure to fix this.

Exhausts bolted up, bumpers fixed in place, rear lights in place and working. Just needs the other wing and a number plate.