MTX-L Calibration

Calibrated the sensor today on the bench.

Important note – the big plastic plug that you connect to the sensor has a little plastic tab which stops the plug coming undone without pulling it. If you connect the plugs without lifting it then it can very easily go the wrong side of the plug (inside) and stop it connecting up properly. You’ll know it’s right when you hear a click as it slides into place – as below:


First step is to hook ground and power up to the gauge with the lambda sensor disconnected. It will display E2 on the screen, wait 30 seconds and take the power off.

Plug in the O2/wide band lambda sensor and reapply power.

The sensor will get hot:


HTR will be show on the display for a period of time while the heat builds up. My bench power supply showed between 1.4 and 1.7 amps being pulled while it was doing this.


It briefly shows CAL is the display while calibrating the switches to 22.4 as it is in free air:


That’s it ready to go in the car – don’t power it up without the lambda sensor attached or it will reset the calibration.

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