SVA Tips & Common Sportster Issues

Just a quick list of hint we’ve picked up:

  • Make sure  you have a full tank for testing
  • Don’t be late or they will bump you
  • Don’t install the screen before the test as it won’t pass
  • You can do the test in an unpainted car, just make sure it’s clean!
  • You can drive to the SVA as long as you have insurance cover – insurers will cover you on the chassis number. But its advisable that you put your donor plates on anyway so you don’t stick out too much!

    Take the plates off for the SVA test as they will not pass the edge radius tests!!

  • Its recommended you do an MOT before the test, but it’s not required (personally we plan on MOTing mainly to check emissions!)*
    • Amendment From Stuart:

      as you say it is

      not a requirement for SVA but I was told I had to have a MOT before I could

      get my age related plate issued by DVLA.”

  • As with all seven-esq cars make sure every sharp edge on your front suspension is covered with rubber or nut covers
  • If you have an under floor exhaust make sure the tank is heat shielded from the back boxes

Some more common issues related specifically to the Sportster picked up from other builders:

  • Indicators at the front fail as they are too far away from the sides of the car so they need to go on brackets
  • Headlights fail for being too low – wined the suspension up to pass.
  • Leaky tanks – not pressure tested by Marlin so you have to do this
  • Suspension issues if not fix properly on the E36 kit
  • Hand brake compensation mechanism – may not be an issue depending on your examiner, Andy had problems with this on his car.
  • Steering column and shaft not
    designed to minimise upper column displacement in impact – can be fixed
    with an after market wheel that has a collapsible boss

Axel weights from Marlin for the SVA1 form:

Axle1 500 kg

Axle2 550 kg

Gross 1050 kg

Stuarts E30 based car had the following weights measured with a full tank of fuel and no one in the car at the SVA:

Front = 380kg

Rear = 460kg


“If i remember correctly its only a failure if the weights are actually higher than what you enter on the form.”