Brakes and rust restoration

Since first installing the brakes a spring has been missing off one of the pads which means the passenger side calliper rattles. I decided to switch from the jurid to ATE pads – the ATE’s bite a bit better initally than the jurids – something I’ve found on my daily drivers. Also the ATE pads are OE for E46 / E9x.


A few bits of rust, here under the drivers door:


Chipped off, brushed and some rust remedy:


Sprayed with rollbar and chassis paint, you can see the hole in powder coat but I’d rather this than have the surface rust carry on creeping:


The wing mounts had also started to rust, so took these off while the wheels were off for the pad change. Also cleaned up any chips in the powder coat on the front suspension:



Refreshed with new nuts and bolts:


3D part has also finished printing, need to how this fits:



Woo parts!

Received parts – rose joint with right hand thread which fits on the servo from eBay and some 3/8″ nuts, washers and bolts to attach it to the pedal. Bolts came from namrick and rose joints from McGill Motorsports.




Brake servo upgrade

Started on swapping out the metro brake servo for a dual diaphragm servo bought as part of a group buy on

So far I’ve fitted the new servo by expanding the mount holes of the old servo, extended the push pin with a bolt and started making the servo to master cylinder adapter.

Need to wait for a rose joint to connect the servo to the brake pedal – didn’t like the idea of putting an oval in the the existing connector. Also my counter sinker isn’t making much of dent in the servo master cylinder adapter plate so need a better one!







3rd brake light

A very temporary solution to make it more obvious I’m using the brakes. Not pretty but does the job until I find a better solution.


Engine Work

Hose, brakes and interior panels

First off some construction pictures, added some new silcon hoses specificially made for the M20:

SVA safe brake line attachment, thanks to folks on madabout kitcars for this tip!

And now some interior shots:

Started work on rear quarter panel covers made from 1mm ali.