Wiper Installation

After spending a lot of time eyeing up the location for the wipers I came to the conclusion that 90 degrees would work best for us. After looking inside the gearbox I found that we have a 110 degree drive gear (which matches the sweep measurement I took a while ago). So I ordered a 90 degree drive gear.

Wiper wheel boxes installed. I had to thin down the fibreglass on one of them as it was too thick to mount the wheel box.

The boxes are fairly in-line.

Motor mounted on a metal plate. I plan to move the hoop for the motor a little hight so the motor is held a little better. Its seem to hold fine as it is however I would feel better with it moved.

Tubes cut to length and flared, good that we had all of the tools from installing the brake pipes as they came in perfectly for this job.

All the parts ready for install. We bought some chrome tops for the wheel boxes as Marlin supplied rubber ones. I am using the rubber ones for fitting to avoid damaging the the chrome ones.

Wipers installed, still need to cut the arms to the correct length.

Tubes Installed.

Wipers in motion.

Washer jets installed.

I took some video with my phone so its pretty cruddy quality but shows the wiper motion: