That’s not part of the kit/won’t fit?

There are a number on things not in the kit-in-a-box or items you can’t use from the donor:

Stuff you need to buy extra, or are options that are not in the kit-in-a-box (based on when we bought the kit in 2005):

  • Ball joints
  • Track rod ends
  • Front and rear Anti-Roll-Bars with drop links – if you want to use these.
  • Vast quantities of extra bolts (namrik bulk packs are very useful – see the links page)
  • Rubber trim – enough is supplied to the the bonnet and wings but you’ll need more to cover things up for the SVA test!
  • Seats
  • Mirrors
  • Fuel pipes
  • Fuel pump(s)
  • Fuel filter
  • Swirl pot (Marlin make a small swirl pot that fits in next to the battery)
  • Harness’s / seat belts
  • Filler cap
  • Wiring loom – we recommend you use your original BMW loom and cut out the bits you don’t need the whole lot is much more reliable and safer than the lucas loom.
  • Windscreen / aero screens
  • Front “spoiler” that the number plate it mounted to
  • Exhaust
  • Side exhaust covers / sills

Things that won’t fit from the donor:

  • Radiator (don’t know about pre face lift, but face lift rads wont fit – I have see cars with this radiator fitted, but turned through 90 degrees – not sure how effectively its going to work or what the effects are on plumbing it in!)
  • Brake Servo (from experience we recommend you use the donor BMW master cylinder (or equivalently new item) with adapter as the Marlin unit is more difficult to seal up (there’s a hole on one side of of it part).

         The servo pin needs extending in both cases or you don’t get bite until 1/2 down the pedal travel)

  • Water pipes for the engine, some can be chopped and changed
  • Airbox – too big to go in the engine bay, although you might be able to fit it with lots of re-routing
  • Oil cooler (from 325 model) – its too wide, by using 320 bits you can run without an oil cooler. Alternatively its possible to remove the old rubber tube from the pipes on the engine and attach a different oil cooler, we’ve added a mocal to ours. The plan is to add an oil stat as well so only only start flowing through the radiator once it is up to temprature.

    To add to this one – I have seen 1 Sportster with the original oil cooler install – it was under the car behind the steering rack, so it is possible to fit, but it will be very vulnerable!

Stuff you need to make yourself (although Marlin will make some of these on request):

  • Make the boot floor (Marine ply would be best for water tightness)
  • Boot lining
  • Boot wall

The wheel cover for the tub won’t work with our wheels as they are too wide – 15x7J rims with 205/60/R15 tyres.

*With all these things please check with Marlin before ordering as they are undoubtedly making improvements to the kit on regular basis 😉