Short Shift / Shifting Parts Refrub

Many of the E30 boxes that come off your donor car will have quite worn gear systems. Anything with over 100,000 on it I can highly recommend looking for play in the parts and then replacing the following:

Rubber boot

07 – RUBBER BOOT – 25111220912   

Bush for the shifting arm

02 – BEARING SLEEVE, ROUND L=26MM – 25117519669

T piece parts

13 – GEARSHIFT ROD JOINT – 25117501309   

17 – DOWEL PIN    23411466134

18    TENSION BUSH -25111203682

Plastic cup

06    BEARING, SHIFT LEVER – 25111220600   

Clip to hold on to gear stick

12    CIRCLIP – 25111220379

I didn’t bother with the yellow plastic washers as many of the replacement stick – including the Z4 one I got don’t need them as the bit at the bottom is wider by the size of the bushes.

REALOEM page with these parts listed

Short shift the easy and less costly way – OEM BMW parts from other models!

You can use various different gear sticks from stock BMW models to create a short shift in your BMW Sportster. E30’s tended to have “Row Boat” gear changes from the factory. Our Sportster has a stick from the Z4 3.0 which is very short. A less aggressive one to use is from the Z3 1.9.

Here is a photo (from showing a comparison between various options:

Click me to enlarge

Part numbers for the gear sticks:

Z3 1.9 – 25117527252

Z3 2.8/3.0 – 25111222884

Z3M – 25117527254

Z4 3.0 – 25117543193

Z4 2.5 – 25117543192


Here’s a picture it illustrate the the movement of the Z4 3.0ltr stick – if this is too short for you get the Z4 2.5 it’s a good compromise between the E30 row boat action and the very short Z4 one while still being nice a stubby at the top.

Z4 3.0ltr stick

Here is the Z4 2.5ltr on Jason’s Sportster (the perspective it different from above, but it does move a bit further than the 3.0ltr one):

Z4 2.5ltr stick