Pre 2008 Wishbone recall and Mud Guard stays

Official Press Release from Marlin regard recal on all Sportster wishbones made before 15th May 2008:



To all Sportster Owners

15th May 2008

Safety re-call

Sportster lower front suspension arms

Due to another recent notification of a ‘weld line’ failure of a Sportster lower front suspension arm Marlin have now declared a full (stop using) safety re-call of all Sportster lower front suspension arms.

It is required that each and every Sportster front suspension arm that has been made prior to today’s date should be returned to our works for careful inspection. Any warranty is now removed from this component as it is deemed to be potentially unsafe.

We will reinstate warranty on these components after each arm has been properly inspected.  

Please be aware that this re-call includes all Sportster lower front suspension arms manufactured before 15th May 2008.

1) Suspension arms found to be faulty will be replaced or modified FOC.

2) Post and packing is not FOC.

3) New bushes or ball joints required to fit newly built or modified suspension arms are not FOC.

4) I can not discuss or offer comment on the condition of any suspension arms by phone (I have to see them to check them first).

Yours faithfully

Mark Matthews

P.s I am sorry about any inconvenience that this may cause but in the interest of your safety and Marlin warrantees this is the only way that I can be sure of avoiding any possible future occurrences.

As with all cars it’s important to regularly inspect the components to make sure they are in good condition and not liable to cause an incident.

Mud Guard stays.

The old type have lightweight metal tubes which are prone to breaking (ours did after 50 miles) Marlin will replace these free of charge:

Please see this public annoucncement from Marlin: click me

Safety advisory note re old front mud guard stays.

Calling all builders

We have experienced some breakages on our front mud guard stays made using a light tubular material. As a result of we have decided to offer a free replacement service, (we do need the tubular mud guard stays returned to us in order that we can re-supply stays that our made to the correct fitting pattern).

We think there may still be a few of these old parts being used so this is just pre-cautionary note ………… check.

Best Wishes
Terry & Mark