Test fit of engine. Got bored waiting for steering rack so we thought we’d “chuck” the engine in and see how it fits – very nicely from the look of it. The gearbox mount bracket is a bit off so its being held up with a jack until that’s bent in to the right shape and had one hole moved a bit.

Pictures here:

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LSD Restored and fitted

New pictures in the gallery showing the cleaned up and de-rusted limited slip differential fitted to the Sportster.

More new pictures of the front with the brake calliper and wheel test fitted: Click me



Thank you to pacerpete on I now have a 3.91 ratio LSD for the Sportster! Went to collect it today. Now it needs to be cleaned – de rusted and painted ready to go in the car. – Anyone need a 3.91 open diff?


Bits! and Front suspension

Excellent! I got big funny shaped box from Marlin today. Quite a lot more bits, specifically ball joints and shocks. Click me

Front suspension is together! Just need the steering rack now for final test fit. I’ve put pictures up of the progress. Also test fitted the front anti roll bar. I still need to fabricate brackets for them.Click me


Brake Pipes

Don’t have any pictures yet but after getting some male/male adapters I was finally able to get on with installing the rear brake pipes and hoses. Looks pretty good. I may invest in a pipe flaring tool to do it properly.


Pedal Box

The pedal box is close to complete now. I decided to use the ball bearings from the donor car. This needed a bit of work on the pedals to make them fit. The tubes that they pivot on needed drilling out to 20mm to allow the BMW bearings to fit in. Got there in the end, pictures can be seen here:

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The steering wheel arrived. It’s a nice size, smaller than the stock wheel but not tiny.

I’ve put a picture up in the parts section: Click me

And a comparison picture in the construction section: Click me


Ball joints

After waiting on missing ball joints, it turns out they’re not part of the kit. So ball joints ordered from Marlin.

Steering Wheel should be here soon, all that is needed now is the steering rack and front shocks to test fit the front and get everything in the right place.

Having some issues with the brake lines. I have finally figured out where all the braided hoses are supposed to go, but none of the copper tubes seem to have the correct connectors on them. That means I will need a joiner, if such a thing exists, or get new pipes made up.


Rear test fit

Rear suspension test fit. Although the rear spring seats dont align properly the springs seem to go in ok. I’m not 100% happy with this but for the moment it will do. I installed new suspension top mounts from an E46 Cabrio, an E30zone recommendation. Please see new pictures in the gallery: Click me

The AVO rear dampers are working very well. Although I had to use the standard plastic covers as the ones that came with the dampers were not quite long enough.


Construction begins

Today I’ve done first proper elements of construction. Fitting of the rear swing arms and the differential. These didn’t quite fit properly and need the help of the mallet to move them to their final place.

The spring seats don’t line up – going to have to talk to Marlin about this.

New gallery to go with the start of construction: Click me