First proper drive

Went for a proper first drive on today. We’re really happy and are slowly getting to know the cars handling a bit. Doesn’t half go when you put your foot down! Grinning from ear to ear.
Even the cold weather is not putting us off (although I think we may need to install the windscreen soon). 

We’ve done 50 miles today before it got dark, only tiny bit of rain but I’m now grinning like this 



If you can’t see the flash video download the file below!


We’ll be back soon

..hopefully! Richard’s Compact is going well. The engine is running as can be seen in this video (Xvid – 8Mb) – not much left to do on this ‘side project’ now. We’ll be working on the Sportster again before the end of the year!

And some piccys for the hell of it 🙂




Progress Halted

Hmm ok another little side project has slipped in the way of the Sportster! Due to an unhealthy engine Richard’s 316i Compact needs a bit of work:

What’s this?

… a 2.8 ltr M52



It drives!

It drives! Replaced the clutch slave and master cylinder today and bolted on the old E30 exhaust. There was nothing stopping us from taking it for a quick spin! (Literally as I found out with the rather sharp clutch on the first run or two 

Click me to download the video (6.1 Mb DivX 5)


A visit from Millie and more Bodywork

Paul brought his Marlin around today. A big thank you from everyone for taking us out for a drive. The car is very nice, really like the colour. A stunning looking interior! A few piccys here:

Click me

We did a little bit of work on the doors and body, but I was installing new shocks on my daily drive which too up most of the day:

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