Gallaria Ferrari

We went on a bit a cross Europe drive which took us past Marinello which is Ferrari home turf. Took a few hours out to visit Gallaria Ferrari (Lambo, Alfa and Ducati were on holiday)

Lots and lots of F1 stuff and their main cars from the 70’s on wards. No really old stuff unfortunately.

Maybe next year we’ll take the Sportster!

One of many F1 engines to drool over:

2004 Car:

The only hints of the old cars:

A fuel filler

250 GT

An F430, one of the car that makes on to list of ones I’d like to own!

This is the oldest car I could find a 125 8 from 1947

Various prototype cars

Even the toilets are filled with engines here:

More F1 engines!

Enzo with engine:

Next more important questions, where do I get one of these and will it fit in the Sportster


F1 Car

A test car doing the rounds outside the factory

Full set of images is on the website:

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