Bonnet Side Panels

Tub cutout for rear strut towers – only required because we’ve made the towers wider than standard to accommodate coil overs.

Driver side view – its been a long tedious process getting everything lined up, but the countless hours have been worthwhile. All the panels are held on with counter sunk bolts and cup washers. Below is a counter sunk rivnut – an excellent device that lets you put a thread for bolting items to anywhere, but more importantly being counter sunk the rivnuts endup flush with the surface they are attached  to.

As you may know the passenger side has always been more of a pain, so I started here first and made one or two mistakes. The bolts on the scuttle panel should be a bit higher, and its not cut off straight. However, I plan on making new ones so those can both be fixed when the time comes!

Getting the rear tub to fit this side was a challenge – its now very close, still slightly off so it may need a bit more tweaking.

Finally had time to get an old tyre swapped on to the spare, small issue though the cover is too small to fit over it!

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