Bodywork update

A few more things checked off the list:

  • Finished the scuttle side panels
  • Opened up the indicator holes on the scuttle to fit the new ones
  • Rear end break down
  • Step one of filling the seat belt holes in the tub

I recommend everyone take their tub off after a year and check for rust issues, we’ve got a few area’s that need to be cleaned up and protected.


Scuttle side panels

New scuttle side panel without louvres compared to the original with louvres. The new one also now has folded back edges which gives a much better edge.

New scuttle side panel on the passenger side with folded back edges.


Wiper Installation

After spending a lot of time eyeing up the location for the wipers I came to the conclusion that 90 degrees would work best for us. After looking inside the gearbox I found that we have a 110 degree drive gear (which matches the sweep measurement I took a while ago). So I ordered a 90 degree drive gear.

Wiper wheel boxes installed. I had to thin down the fibreglass on one of them as it was too thick to mount the wheel box.

The boxes are fairly in-line.

Motor mounted on a metal plate. I plan to move the hoop for the motor a little hight so the motor is held a little better. Its seem to hold fine as it is however I would feel better with it moved.

Tubes cut to length and flared, good that we had all of the tools from installing the brake pipes as they came in perfectly for this job.

All the parts ready for install. We bought some chrome tops for the wheel boxes as Marlin supplied rubber ones. I am using the rubber ones for fitting to avoid damaging the the chrome ones.

Wipers installed, still need to cut the arms to the correct length.

Tubes Installed.

Wipers in motion.

Washer jets installed.


Louvre Project

The ITB projects a bit quiet right now as we’re trying to get the car ready for paint. Part of the this is a set of louvres.

I’ve probably spent 16+ hours on the lathe with these, the curves were right headache!

Test results so far are OK, but not perfect. The thing I’m have the biggest problem with is getting a nice start and finish. I think I’m going to have to make up a wooden die I can use to hammer a nice finish to the start and ends.

They are for this machine:

Engine Work

ITB’s continue

A bit more progress today in preparation so the manifold can be completed. I couldn’t quite run the pipes at the same angle as the holes in the head due to using the stock manifold. I’ve opted for a shallower angle that will result in a relatively smooth transition between the pipes, manifold and head. I could always completely custom make a manifold at some point in the future.

The other big step was to get the throttle bodies properly spaced. I cut 10 spacers on the lathe exactly 11mm wide. There still a lot to including the minor issue of welding the pipes on – not sure how this will work but I suspect it will involve doing a lot of grinding to clean it up!

<p>Ali tubes cut</p>

Ali tubes cut

<p>Quick test fit</p>

Quick test fit

<p>"just" needs to be welded!</p>

"just" needs to be welded!

<p>And from the other side (yeah the throttles are the wrong way round ;o) )</p>

And from the other side (yeah the throttles are the wrong way round ;o) )

<p>Spacers cut on the lathe to space each throttle 11mm wider than they are on the GSXR</p>

Spacers cut on the lathe to space each throttle 11mm wider than they are on the GSXR

Engine Work

ITB Idle Control

I’ve been research idle control on these. The GSXR has a manual fast idle lever on the bar. Some people have experimented with a stepper motor to control this, but I think I’ll probably employ the solution that BMW themselves use on the M3’s – a common vac pipe connecting all 6 cylinders and a standard ICV bolted up to it. I can use the second set of injector holes that are directly on the throttle body.

Engine Work

ITB’s continue

Two sets of ITB’s give you 4 bolts to screw them together – not long enough for 6 throttles. The solution is to chop the thread off two of them and the head off the other two. Then the 4 bits are welded together to create one long bolt.

After welding the join is ground down to make it round and smooth.

Which means with temporary spacers its all one piece now

Engine Work

ITB Project

Another project dreamed up during a cold, wet winter not driving:

Two sets of these GSXR 600 K3 throttle bodies:

GSXR 600 K3 Throttle Body

An spare M20B25 intake manifold

A number of hours with  a hack saw, angle grinder and piller drill on the lathe with a milling bit later:

And you get a nice manifold ready for some ali tubes to be welded on:

The manifold will slot right on being the mounting face of a stock intake as can be seen below:

The nice thing is that the provision for the oil return is already integrated to there’s not need to come up with a solution for that:

The stock fuel injection locations will be used, those on the GSXR will be plugged.

The GSXR individual throttles need spacing further out than that standard so some modification will be required to make this work. The K3’s have a second set of throttle butterflys controlled by the ECU, these will need removing and the extra holes plugging. The end piece as a TPS integrated. The diameter of the GSXR bodies is 38mm at the engine side, they are tapered and open up a bit more to the intake side. Based on recommendation be other ITB users on E30Zone I picked these over the lager bodies from the GSXR 1000, they are too big for the engine. The 600’s should be about right.

The plan is to use tubing to connect the throttles to the manifold so that its possible change the lengths and see what the does to the power!

Site News

Happy New Year 2009

Welcome to 2009 :o) I swear this year we’ll paint the car. Few other projects still on the cards such as exhaust valves, ITB’s adapted from a Suzuki GSXR 600, bonnet louvres and a bit of a change to the rear lines.