Number plate LED upgrade




It was time for an upgrade after spending a year on and off cleaning contacts and still having the number plate lights blink sometime. Using the original housings the standard bulbs have been switched for LED blocks from CBS. These are the same as the type used for the interior lighting. Not tried them in the dark yet as it’s a really nice day today!

Site News

Friendly URLs

Server upgrade is done and after much cursing friendly URL’s appear to be working now! If you spot anything let me know via a comment or the contact above 🙂

Site News

Gallery Upgrade

The site is now running a new gallery plugged right into WordPress. All the major ASP files now redirect to shiny new PHP files. Still to come a server move from Windows to Linux which will bring mod_rewrite and friendly URL’s.

Site News

WordPress upgrade

As this site is 6 years old and the underlying tech hasn’t really changed in that time it seemed like a good idea to do some upgrades. Right now the site is half old tech half new so things might not quite hang together 100% until everything is sorted out.


MOT Pass

MOT Pass – bar a slightly dodgy light on the rear number plate everything is fine

Might get some LED’s for the number plate lights and solder them in. The plastic ones I have are of very poor quality


MOT Time is just around the corner

Got my MOT reminder this week, time to stick the Sportster up on the ramps and see how its doing this year

Have noticed a few rust spots that need sorting on the chassis underneath the doors – this is a bit of a water trap. Rest of the chassis usually needs a tiny bit of surface rust cleaning up and painting.

Only other problems in times past has been the handbrake cables – the attachment to the level broken on one side last year, and the previous side the year before. Both are now welded so hopefully that will be fine this year

Only other issue that needs looking at is a sticky idle control valve, that’ll hopefully just need a blast with carb cleaners


Complete Kit Car September 2010

Complete Kit Car September 2010

Look out for us in Complete Kit Car this month!

The Latest Issue

The September issue of CKC is full of news, features, show previews and reviews plus our great technical section… BUILD DRIVE ENJOY

TIFF. Tiff Needell really is one of us!

DNA 5CUDA. Wilkins sees DNA’s latest Cougar-based Ferrari replica.

OUT AND ABOUT. Goodwood festival of Speed, London To Brighton and the Le Mans Classic.

READER’S CARS. The final part of our look at Patrick Short’s Beemer-based Marlin and Elliott Hopkins has built a unique Westfield.

SYLVA RIOT SPECIAL. One of the sweetest one-offs I’ve seen for a while, and built in Switzerland.

SHOW PREVIEW. Goodwood Revival. All you need to know about this action based event.

FIRST DRIVE. RTR tR1ke and Atomic. RTR’s amazing three-wheeler and crazy Atomic.

Click here for more information or to buy a copy!


Complete Kit Car August 2010

Complete Kit Car August 2010

Look out for us in Complete Kit Car this month and next month!

The Latest Issue

The August issue of CKC is crammed with the latest news, features, show previews and your technical issues solved… BUILD • DRIVE • ENJOY

• TIFF. Tiff Needell joins the CKC team as our new monthly contributor.

MK Indy R. CKC Running Reporter Jack Tait has finished his MK Indy.

• Out & About – California. The Newark Show and Goodwood FoS are on the horizon. Here’s what to expect.

• NG TF – PART TWO. Chris Humphreys’ completed NG TF in all its glory.

• Marlin Sportster Build – Part one. Patrick Short’s build of a BMW based Marlin Sportster.

Basic Aluminium Fabrication. How to fabricate in aluminium to improve your kit car.

Road Test – GD427. Is this the best Cobra replica on the planet? Let the numbers decide.

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Engine issues

My M20B28 started making loud high pitch noise. The pitch changed with RPM and seem to reduce under load. I thought it might be a loose belt or a shot bearing. Noise was located near the back of the engine.

After a an hour or so of poking around today it turned out the intake manifold gasket was leaking on cylinder 6.

I’m pretty sure it must have been a materials failure as I’ve not put that many miles on since the rebuild. Need to order new gaskets, going to do all of them to be sure. Some non-setting gasket sealer has shut it up as a temporary solution 🙂