Servo installation continues

Finished off machining the adapter plate today, brought some proper countersinking bits with me! Had to machine down the bolts ever so slightly to fit in to the counter sunk holes.

Bought a rose joint to go on the servo, minor issue bought the wrong thread direction – oops! New one on order LOL. Also 10mm bolts don’t go through 3/8″ holes by about 0.4mm so ordered some 3/8″ nuts and bolts to use.








Brake servo upgrade

Started on swapping out the metro brake servo for a dual diaphragm servo bought as part of a group buy on

So far I’ve fitted the new servo by expanding the mount holes of the old servo, extended the push pin with a bolt and started making the servo to master cylinder adapter.

Need to wait for a rose joint to connect the servo to the brake pedal – didn’t like the idea of putting an oval in the the existing connector. Also my counter sinker isn’t making much of dent in the servo master cylinder adapter plate so need a better one!







Easy access

Working on the Sportster is great – such easy access to everything!




MOT time

It was MOT time this week. I changed the driver side ball joints as they had a warning last year, the lower one had noticeable slop.

I didn’t check the handbrake, or the driver side ball joints this year – guess what it failed on… hindsight a wonderful thing.

The rubber on the lower driver side ball joint was perished so failed on that. I replace the whole ball joint as I had spare ones.

The passenger side handbrake had no brake effect, on checking the cable seems to have stretched a bit and there was not enough thread to tighten it up properly, so put a space it and did them up.

Passed just fine with those two little fixes – could have avoided them if I’d spent a bit more time check the car over before the test.


3rd brake light

A very temporary solution to make it more obvious I’m using the brakes. Not pretty but does the job until I find a better solution.


Daily Driver

Tin top service time – Inspection 2

It’s that time of the year again when my daily driver needs it’s oil bits checking. This time it was an inspection 2 which is a little more involved than a regular service. Other than the obvious of making sure nothings falling off the spark plugs needed changing (which I’ll actually do next weekend as it will involve moving the LPG injector bits) and the fuel filter as this is the cars second inspection 2 having racked up 114,500 miles (that’s about 75,000 since I started servicing myself).

Naturally I only had 5 hose clamps and not the full 6 needed to complete fuel filter change so a trip to the local motor parts shop was need (an unavoidable reality when it comes to doing anything on a car).

This time after much head scratching and oil usage (seems to be normal on M54B22’s) I chose to go with some 5w 30 instead of the 0w 30 I’ve been using up until now. This stuff is also BMW Longlife 4 compatible which is more than is need on and M54 but not really different in price to the Longlife 1 compliant stuff.

Only given it a quick test drive but so far its running nice and smooth.


Interesting dual 7″ brake servo stuff

Some interesting developments for all Sportster owners and builders. Mike and GOO have been experimenting with a dual 7″ brake servo instead “stock” metro servo setup. If anyone is getting that horrible, arg I hope it stops feel when in traffic with modern over servo assisted tin tops then this is a winner.

For more info and group buy have a look here on mad about kit cars

dual 7 servo


MOT pass

Yesterday the Sportster passed it’s MOT. Testers were ready and waiting as they heard it coming!

Advisory on near side lower balls joint so I’ll be replacing that. He said there’s only a tiny amount of play but they’re relatively cheep parts which are easy to whip out with the airgun!


Number plate LED upgrade




It was time for an upgrade after spending a year on and off cleaning contacts and still having the number plate lights blink sometime. Using the original housings the standard bulbs have been switched for LED blocks from CBS. These are the same as the type used for the interior lighting. Not tried them in the dark yet as it’s a really nice day today!