Marlin have sent me over a set of 10 bushes for the diff mount and front wishbones. After a bit of experimentation and lots of washing up liquid I had 10 bushes in place. 4 more BMW bushes went into the rear swing arms after the old ones were removed.


New bits!

The Magnecor HT leads turned up today. Very nice looking set of leads. They didn’t cost much more than the OE set. The old leads had started to crack and needed replacing. The engines also getting new plugs, distro cap and rotor arm. Click me

Engine Work


3 new pictures today! One very shiny rocker cover, now polished and painted black. Inlet manifold slowly cleaning up. Not sure how much more I will do on this one. Click me


New parts ordered

When your taking your donor to bits, be careful not to damage the clutch hose that goes between the slave and master cylinder its quite expensive to replace (£33+VAT).

Also ordered new bushes for the rear swing arms, new links for the rear anti roll bar and a gasket for the throttle butterfly.

Need more carb cleaner for the intake manifold as well!

Still need to decided if I am going to replace the water pump or not.

Should be getting more stuff from Frost soon as well.