Engine Work

Coolant flush and refresh

This drain plug has been leaking forever, the drain part is reverse thread and normal thread into the radiator. The thread into the radiator needed more PTFE.

Due to topping up with water over the last couple years the coolant was starting to get hotter than normal when the engine was pushed. With the new coolant G48 with suitable BMW specification the needle stays steady on 80ºC when pushed hard. When testing on idle at a standstill the fan kits in at 88ºC and comes down again nicely to the low 80’s. 


Rear brake pads

I fitted ATE brake pads to the front some time ago, they bite much better than the Jurid ones and generally feel better. 

The rear was still on Jurid and as they’ll probably never wear out I thought I’d swap them over to ATE so they match all around.

Used the opportunity to check and retorque the H&R spacers at the rear.

Need to repaint this calliper at some point, the silver never was a good choice, the front is already black.

Now labelled ATE Classic, 1988 donor!

Solid disks on from the donor E30 325i, the front is vented.

All back together again


Otherside done too, these Ryobi lights are really handy – even when working on the driveway.



Engine Work

Adjusting valve clearances and a new rocker gasket

Fix the jump leads – no continuity = useless jump leads. The copper was crimped and cut straight through at the factory. Trimmed and now soldered – much better.


Inside the rocker cover still looking very clean. Adjusted all the valve gaps to 0.25mm, glad there are only 12 valves to do! Most needed a little tweak. Also gave the oil spray bar a good clean out with brake cleaner while the cover was off.


The rocker gasket was a bit very second hand, luckily a local parts shop had one in stock.


Engine Work


Service time!

New oil – fully synthetic ester


Managed to avoid spilling anything on the ground for a change!


Being able to take the side off the engine bay really makes filter swaps easy!


Also done is 6 new spark plugs (they’re pretty cheap so why not!)

Found a minor vacuum leak so the idle is much better now.