More small things

Rear lights in series doesn’t work – far too dim! So plan B needed. The
brake light bulbs (middle ones) are 21w so they should be bright
enough. I’m just worried that its not obvious enough of a difference.

Did a bit more tonight – put some more P clips in on the brake lines at
the front of the car and zip ties where I couldn’t get P clips in. Also
zip ties all the electrical cable around the bottom of the engine bay.
Finished off by trimming back the scuttle above the gauges so the fit
in properly!


Lots of little things

Filler cap attached

Fog and reverse lights attached – these are just for SVA, the round ones will go on afterwards!

Bonnet clearance – just fits!

Under bonnet scuttle panels cut to shape and bolted in place.

Driver side scuttle cover – single hole for battery cable.

Passenger side panel with the same configuration as the driver side.

Modified Marlin headlight mounts – hole is milled out for the SVC headlights that have a larger diameter mount. The reason for milling rather than drilling was to move the hole back a bit – the damper mounting bolt gets the way otherwise!

Final dash wiring in progress – this is a clean up and tie down of everything.


Rear lights

And it is time to reveal what were doing with the rear lights:

Hella LED lights

The concept 4 ring lights and 4 ring exhausts!


Spot light mounting

Today the spot lights were mounted. Seemed like a simple task but took longer than expected. The first step was to grind the back edge of the brackets so that the mounts could be evenly spaced on the chassis. The following picture shows the before and after grinding. (left – before & right – after )

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Next the holes were marked, drilled and tapped. When the bumpers are mounted the outer screws from the spot light brackets will go into the bumpers, this will hold them in place.

Below you can see a completed spot light bracket. The mounting holes were counter sunk so the screw heads do not stick up as high. The spot light mounting hole needed to be widened from 14mm to 16mm, this was done on a lathe.

The following pictures show the finished mounted bracket and spot light

This is how our Sportster looks with mounted spot lights and headlights. 🙂

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A bit of an update

Two issues we ran into during the first engine start:

  1. The fuel tank has a tiny leak we hadnt found before – ordered some tank sealer from Frost to fix that one
  2. The connection between the rubber fuel pipe and copper than runs up the centre of the car was not tight/good enough as we got a bit of leakage from there. Plan A is to flare the pipe and tighten the hose clips furhter. Plan B is to run Aeroquip hoses from the  front to the back. This should be SVA – Ok as long as we’ve got the paper work from Think Automotive to back it up.